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*********** IF YOU ARE A GE LIGHTING SUPPLIER : ***********
We are moving away from SupplierNet effective June 26th (8:00AM EST). All invoices must be submitted by this time.
Open POs will be migrated as a part of this system change. You will receive a copy of these migrated POs and any new POs either by email or through the Ariba portal beginning July 11th. After July 11th, please submit your invoices as directed on the header of your PO.
If you have questions about this change or want to inquire about Ariba, contact
****************** IF YOU ARE A GE Industrial Solutions User or Supplier************
Click Here to login to the NEW IS-SupplierNet
****************** IF YOU ARE A GE APPLIANCES SUPPLIER *****************
All Plant and Indirect/Expense orders are now through our iSupplier portal.
Click here to login to the new iSupplier portal
If you have questions about the iSupplier portal, please call 1-800-782-8099.
You may still need access to SupplierNet for some historical invoice and payment activity as well as limited Quality and Carrier programs, please log in below.

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