Obtaining Access to SupplierNet (Have SSO ID, no LNumber)

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If you have an SSO ID but do not have an LNumber, follow the work flow diagrams below to assist you in obtaining access to SupplierNet.
Your access will be granted as soon as you complete all steps shown here.

Step 1a: Fill out the User ID and Password, the select “GO”


Step 1b: If your SSO ID is NOT mapped to your existing LNumber then the following screen would appear asking you to map your LNumber with SSO ID.


Step 2: If your SSO ID has already been mapped to an existing LNumber the system will log you into SupplierNet and you will no longer need this document.
If not, you will see the screen shot below and be asked to enter your User ID and password.

Enter the information on the left hand side of the screen and select “GO”

(If you do not have an L Number, select the “Go” button under “New User?” and click here to continue using the correct help document)


Step 3: You will receive one of the following messages

If you receive the one on the left, everything worked out okay.

If you receive the one on the right and are typing in your L Number correctly, that means that someone has already linked his or her SSO ID to your L Number - Please call the help desk immediately! Their number is 1-502-452-4300.


Step 4: If you have received the message on the left, then the last step is to go back to the SupplierNet home page and login with your SSO ID to continue using SupplierNet.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the help desk at the number listed above in Step 3.