Obtaining Access to SupplierNet (brand new user)

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If you do not have an L Number nor do you have an SSO ID, follow the work flow diagrams below to assist you in obtaining access to SupplierNet.
Your access will require obtaining an approved L Number from a GE Employee.

Step 1: Click on “Register Now!” Link


Step 2: Complete the SSO Registration Application


Step 3 : New User? If you do not have an L Number Select “GO” to continue the setup process. Your company must be setup already in SupplierNet and you will need to know your supplier code in order to continue.

(If you do have an L Number, enter the information on the left hand side of the screen and select “GO”)


 Step 4: Enter your Supplier Code and select “GO.” If you do not know your supplier code, please call the SSG at 1-502-452-4300 and ask for assistance or email them at sourcinghelp@ge.com.


Step 5: Fill out the Supplier Request Access Page.


Step 6: After you confirm all your information and the system verifies that your email address does not already exist with another user, you will see this screen.  This is your confirmation that the setup has been completed.

NOTE: In 24-48 hours, you should receive an email confirming your L Number and will be able to log into SupplierNet at that time to complete the setup process.