History of GE Appliances

In 1950, General Electric chose the Louisville area as the home
of its major appliance division. The decision to build a factory
complex for appliance production was initiated by a larger company
wide strategy handed down by GE Company president, Ralph Cordiner.

Why Louisville, KY? As the home of the major appliances division,
the area included access to river, rail and air transportation,
a sufficient labor supply, central location for national distribution
of merchandise and a positive business environment enhanced by a
business-conscious state government.

Groundbreaking for Appliance Park officially began in 1951. In January
of 1953, production began. The first dryers were manufactured in Building 1
while the first dishwashers were produced in Building 3. In March
of the same year, the first shipment of ranges left Building 2, while
the first washers were removed from the Building 1 assembly line.
In April, disposal production began in Building 3.

GE's long tradition of innovation and technology investment began on
November 13, 1953. The day had arrived, marking the first installation of
an electronic computer at a US business. This established the age of business
data processing. Springing forward to 2001, GE Appliances is a
multi-billion-dollar global business unit that continues the tradition
of technological innovation across the business.

Still today, GE Appliances continues to build upon its reputation for
manufacturing the highest quality and most reliable products. Products
include refrigerators, freezers, ranges, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers,
microwaves, and room air conditioners.

The consumer comes first at Appliances. In addition to its manufacturing
facilities, Appliance Park also serves as the home of the National Sales and
Service organizations. GEA's National Customer Service Center, located in
Louisville, KY, and along with a superior distribution system provide great
support to the field organization.

Focused on surpassing consumer expectations, GEA offers one of the largest
appliance manufacturer's service organizations within the industry. Consumer
Home Services continuously strives to provide prompt repair and maintenance
on both in-warranty and out-of-warranty appliances.

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